States Team Up to Assess Risk of Induced Seismicity

State oil and gas regulatory agencies and geological surveys have partnered with the Interstate Oil &
Gas Compact Commission and Ground Water Protection Council to create a work group that will
proactively discuss the possible association between recent seismic events occurring in multiple states
and injection wells.

There are nearly 151,000 Class II Underground Injection Control (UIC) wells across the country used by
the oil and natural gas industry to dispose of produced water or enhance resource recovery, according
to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data.

State agencies participating in the Induced Seismicity by Injection Work Group will collaborate and
share science, research, and practical experience to equip the states with the best decision making tools
to evaluate the possible connections between seismic events and injection wells, minimize risk, and
enhance appropriate readiness when seismic events occur.

This State Oil and Gas Regulatory Exchange (SOGRE) initiative is part of a larger state-led effort called
States First. Through the SOGRE, state oil and gas regulatory agencies are collaborating and
communicating with one another in an ongoing effort to keep current with rapidly changing
technology, as well as to share the very best and innovative practices, procedures, and protocols from
state to state.

Participating states aim to include additional stakeholders as they discuss this important issue,
including industry, environmental groups, and the scientific community.

Group updates will be made available on the States First Web site ( or via
Twitter @States1st.


Contact: Gerry Baker, Associate Executive Director
405-525-3556 x112


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